...and how can it help my business?

It used to be a nightmare...

Servers were terribly expensive and took forever to set up.
They used a ton of electricity, required massive amounts of air conditioning and were always at risk of catastrophic failure.
If one person in accounting accidentally opened the wrong email attachment, suddenly fingers were crossed that there's a complete backup from sometime that week.
And then, after a few years...poof!  That massive investment becomes an outdated anchor, slowing your company to a crawl.
Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor, right out the window.

...but now it's much easier.

We no longer need to buy a server every time we need a new application.  We don't even need to buy server hardware at all.
Smart Tech MSP can provide your company with cloud-based servers, and you don't have to come up with a huge investment to get started.  We maintain the hardware.  We keep an eye on the system for you and we make sure everything runs smoothly.
We even keep a continuous backup of your data, recoverable to any fifteen-minute window in the set.  And the best part?  The cloud server grows with you.  If you need an extra processor, no big deal.  Double the memory?  No sweat.  And six years from now, you won't be stuck looking for someone who owns a boat and needs an anchor.

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