When the rest of the world is sleeping, we're up.

We know that the world doesn't clock in and out at banker's hours.  Business happens at every hour.  Every minute that your network is unavailable is a minute of lost productivity for your entire company.

Our coffee pot is running all night long.

Smart Tech MSP offers a variety of support plans to fit your needs.  We offer 24/7 all-you-can-eat options that ensure you reach a human being any time, day or night.

Burning the midnight oil as a solo entrepreneur or small office, trying to keep monthly costs down?   We have a plan for you as well!  Pay for what you need, when you need it.

And we're not reading the funny papers when we're done saving the day...

We're behind the scenes; making sure you're tuned up and ready to go.  If we spot something going wrong, we'll often give you a heads-up instead of the other way around.  We focus on optimizing everything to keep you working instead of on the phone trying to figure out why it takes so long to reboot.  

Our goal is to PREVENT issues BEFORE they become disasters.

Why hire an IT person who needs sleep and vacations and insurance when you can have an army of support, ready whenever you need us?